Security is the primary concern and we acknowledge that. We have, thus, taken very stringent measures to ensure total security to everyone who uses our matrimonial portal.

  1. Security for Phone Numbers: We let you decide whether you want to display your phone number to everyone or to a select few. Please note that only verified phone numbers are displayed.
  2. Security for Images: At, there is no option to download or save any image. Each and every image is watermarked and protected.
  3. Security from Abuse and Misuse: If you see any undesirable activity on the site from any user at any point of time you may contact us and we will take action immediately. You can report a user for misuse or abuse as well. We offer round the clock customer support in order to be at your service as and when you need us.
  4. Accepting and Rejecting: Upon receiving a request you are free to accept or reject it. A rejected candidate will not be able to send you another request.

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