It is easy to discover a life partner through our services in a secured way. We take great pleasure in protecting our members’ security. Anyhow, an equivalent level of precaution from you is expected.

You may withhold few details of interest while filling up your profile by using secret key / Password protection feature to ensure members who you approve would only be able to access this particular information.

Your sincerity in associate pursuing business can be positively clear in case you check your profile constantly. By this, substitute members get the assurance to contact you.

Unless you are sure about the individual, don't agree to meet the individual alone. On the off chance that its your first meet, incline to open spots like Malls and Coffee Shop instead of private spots. Inform your family and friendlies before you proceed.

The wedding unites two families rather than just two people.

It is best to keep your family informed about what you are subordinate upon and incorporate them in decision making to be ensured.

By distinguishing a fake profile, we request that you report in immediately so we can guarantee to check the individual profile and take suitable actions against members concerned.

Kindly report the matter to the nearby Police Station concerned. Likewise, report the matter to us, we will suspend the enrollment of such member pending any request by the Police or different powers concerned.

You can raise an infringement to our notice by basically informing or messaging us at

Uncovering your identity is mandatory when reporting, in light of present circumstances, from our end your unobtrusive components will be kept as a puzzle and won't be given to the guilty party. "On the off chance that you have disclosed your information persistently to such blameworthy part, there is nothing that we could do."

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